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Disclaimer BLOG

Welcome In Nubia_group's BLOG (and facebook fan's page)

i publish here "Good morning cards" and e cards
i am not a designer or a writter
i associate texts and pictures to create e-cards
all material or texts i use are in circulation in yahoo groups or internet

1. Copyright information:

I have tried to give proper credit to originators of the poems,
quotes, pictures, scrapbooling material, on this website.
If you see something that is incorrectly credited, please contact me :

If something of yours has been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement,
notify me and I will remove it.

The things on this site are intended for personal use.
They are not intended to be used to make a profit
Please do this in a civilised way, without sending spam,
insults, unfriendly messages, i am not a PIRATE.
my purpose is only to spread inspiration and motivation

2. pictures used :

i compose these cards
with pictures in circulation in yahoo groups,
(most of them origine unknown)
It's very difficult to know the origine of a picture which circulate on internet
all material i use is with "fair use" i don't intentionnaly violate
any copyright known from me
if you find here any material on copyright for which
i din't give proper credit,
please take contact with me,and i will give credit due or remove the card

3. Scrapbooking material :

i also use "scrapbooking" material
EMPTY quick cards freebies offered by the scrap creators on internet
or kits bought on stores
i will add under each card the site, blog or store link of the material i will use
i thank all the Scrapbooking creators who already gave me permission to use
their products and trust me for the use i make of them

i am not a "scrapbooking" pirate i respect all creators, i do read the TOU of each one
there is No Copyright Infringement Intended all is for Personal Use Only - Not For Profit!
i don't sell anything, i don't make commerce,
this is not a scrapbooking site i don't distribuate any scrapbooking material,
i don't use personal album LO i add myself the pictures and the texts
all the cards are in small format .jpg
If anyway one scrap creator refuse i use the freebies he offer to design poems,
he can mail me and i will remove the card from the BLOG
Now i sincerely hope you will appreciate the use i make of the scrapbooking creations
and the way i compose the morning cards and poetry cards

4. About the texts used :

i am not myself an author or writter
most of the texts, quotes, and poems used on this blog
are sent to me by the member of my group
or in circulation on the net
most of the time i receive them without any author's names,
and i try to search for the author's to give credit due
but it can happen i cannot find the author's names,
or i find them on several site and different author's names
so i cannot know which one is the real
so if i write "author unknown" this mean i didn't find it,
even i searched for it
all what i use is a "fair use" in the respect of each author
i appologize by advance if you find here one of your text without credit due
in this case please mail me, and i will correct the card by adding your name
and informations, or remove the card if you don't want the use of your text

if there is any problem please mail me :
i will always answer you and try to find a solution

thanks for your attention and i hope you will

enjoy my Blog